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Beware of These Five Bitcoin Scams

Beware of These Five Bitcoin Scams
Bitcoin - the possible black box of the commercial world - has never been without controversy. Whether to help the black market or to eliminate millions of users, bitcoin is no stranger to one. The sharp rise in Bitcoin prices over the past year... read more

Top 5 Most Respected Cryptocurrency Developers Today

If cryptocurrencies today are changing the lives of many people, then it is safe to say that cryptocurrency developers are also changing the lives of millions of people today. Cryptocurrency developers play a huge role in taking the industry to the... read more

Bitcoin Cash Celebrates First Anniversary

The most notable Bitcoin’s hard fork, Bitcoin Cash has reached one year of existence on August 1. Ultimately, at the day of the launch, the BCH token has reached $800 in price. The project more or less manages to maintain that level; the current BCH ... read more