CounosCoin Cryptocurrency


Counos Silver

Counos Silver is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies in Counos platform. This cryptocurrency is used for the investment and assets transfer around the world besides price stability through utilizing a multidimensional function. Counos Silver is a type of Security Token Offering; however, it will change into one of the most progressive stablecoins of the global market by adding some other security steps.

An International Securities Identification Number is issued for the purchase of each Counos Silver with the same validity as the global bond. According to each purchased Counos Silver, one kilogram of silver is stored in Swiss banks and will be used as a support of Counos Silver in trades. Moreover, a unique certificate will be issued for each purchase which guarantees the people’s ownership of their assets. In fact, Counos Silver uses a global financial algorithm for the investors’ more security in addition to benefiting from a precious metal as the price stability. About 21 million coins have been premined from Counos Silver and the average confirmation duration for each transaction and making a new block in this network is 2.5 minutes.