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Counos CAD


Counos CAD

Counos CAD is a coin to transfer money its clearance is founded on Canadian Dollar. Each Counos CAD with the value equal to 100 CADs has been guaranteed by CSC Intl. GmbH.

It is a code-based currency which is totally pre-mined and 21 million coins of this sort will be distributed around the world finally. There is not any miner process in this system.

Price stability of Counos CAD is guaranteed by CSC Intl. GmbH. The purpose of this network is applying a safe and fast payment system for businessmen and traders.


Counos CAD performance manner

It can be applied to transfer money and this service includes a money transfer tariff (charge). The formula to calculate money transfer tariff is that 0.3 of to-be-transferred price is calculated by at least 0.05 of the coin which is drawn from money sender (the one asking for the service) account and deposited in a core account.

The customers can do their financial transactions on-line with the minimum charges in various countries while it is carried out completely safe and in the shortest possible time.

Marketing via Counos CAD is guaranteed by CSC Intl. GmbH.

The best tool to use these coins is Wallet App working on mobile phones. Its client version is also available in case of having Windows and IOS operating systems.